Instinct Of Travel : The George Everest

Say yes to adventure. George Everest, it is an amazing destination when it comes to trekking and experiencing wonders. 

The destination is located at a hill top where the house and laboratory of Colonel Sir. George Everest was built. Sir George Everest was the Surveyor- General of India from 1830-1843, responsible for completing the Trigonometrical Survey of India 
He built his house and laboratory at this hilltop in the year 1832,  The place was abandoned after his demise but afterwards, made open to tourists.

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wish, travel therapy covered by my health insurance. You can only reach this place with your own vehicle, no public transport goes upto this point. You can easily hire a cab for a day from Mussoorie taxi stand and reach this place. Once you reach George Everest, you will be delighted to see the view! Weather increased the charm of mountains, travel because money returns time doesn't. I reached George Everest, the place was already crowded and appeared rather commercialised. I had a  tea   and went for a short trek to George Everest peakTake time to make your soul happyIt is the highest Hill around.

Mussoorie, people can do trekking there and explore nearby Area, it has sunrise and sunset point as it is at maximum height, but the road is very bad, you need any SUV car or two wheeler to go there, otherwise definitely your car would need alignment after coming back from there. But the place is so so beautiful. 

Recommended To Visit Here Once!!


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