When NEPAL calls You!!

Mountains, jungles, medieval cities, spiritual sites, travel nirvana and the friendliest people of earth. Yep, there’s a reason why we love Nepal, and you will too.
It’s almost too obvious to speak of the incredible natural scenery, however it really is reason enough to visit Nepal.

Nepal boasts eight of the 10 highest peaks in the world.

I loved visiting Nepal and  I loved learning about culture and language. I highly recommend a visit
Modern Nepal is a fascinating, diverse place. Travelers will see influences from India, Tibet, China, and even Mongolia.

The Fast Facts About Nepal Travel

Currency: Nepalese Rupee (NPR)

Primary Airports
: Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM)

Local SIM: Travelers can easily purchase a SIM card as well as data. And it’s quite affordable.

Visas: Nepal issues visas on arrival for citizens of most countries. These can be purchased for 15, 30, or 90 days You must bring a passport-sized photo, or stand in line and pay for one when you arrive.

Budget: Nepal is very budget-friendly and cheap to travel. Hiking and trekking will add some expenses, but even those are reasonable. A solo traveler can anticipate rock-bottom budget of Rs1000 per day if traveling around. A little extra budget goes a long way here and you can upgrade to nice digs and eat decent food on just Rs 500 per day per person when you are not trekking. Once you add in trekking fees, that gets a bit more. You can scale up and have a very nice couple trip too.

Kathmandu is huge. It’s bigger than you might assume, but it’s still very navigable. Even better, it has the neatest Hindu and Buddhist temples I’ve ever seen. In the wake of the earthquake, some of these were destroyed. But not all, there is still much that is left. There is a lot to do in the city. Thamel, is a beehive of activity and amenities built for the Westerners. Though Pokhara is the main spot for Annapurna circuit treks, Kathmandu is the starting point for Everest Base Camp.

Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple)
Swayambhunath, which is also known as Monkey Temple because of the hundreds of monkeys that live in the surrounding trees. Like Durbar Square, the Swayambhunath complex is just beautiful. The Stupa is set high up on a hill (pilgrims and visitors ascend 365 steps to get to the top. From there, the Stupa stands tall and proud overlooking the Kathmandu Valley. Once you stumble up the last of the 365 steps, a massive gleaming white dome looms ahead. From the center of the dome blooms a spire. On all four sides of the spire is the painted image of the wise and all-seeing eyes of Lord Buddha (the middle symbol is the third eye). When you visit, be aware that the monkeys will aggressively steal food from your hands!

Boudhanath Stupa
Boudhanath is also a UNESCO site and is thought to be the largest Stupa in existence, and it’s the largest spherical stupa in Nepal. Although Boudhanath was damaged during the 2015 earthquake, restoration efforts quickly restored this structure to it’s previous glory and stature. Boudhanath is the center of Buddhism and the stupa is simply enormous. The Buddha eyes also peer from this stupa and look outward, watching over the Kathmandu Valley. This stupa is located in a popular area of the city. Boudhanath was one on the ancient trade route between Tibet and India.
Pashupatinath temple

One of the holiest sites in all of Hinduism, Pashupatinath has existed since 400 A.D
This is a sacred site for the Hindu and it’s not to be taken on a lark.
the position across the Bagmati river allows you to respectfully watch from above as they regularly perform ritual cremations in the ghats on the river’s edge. and it’s main temple is a masterpiece of Hindu architecture.

After Temples the place to be in the Kathmandu city is the most commercial area called The Thamel.
Reminds me like the streets of Paharganj in New Delhi.
Thamel has everything you need as a traveler or as a tourist or as a shopaholic.
Its a travelers paradise.

Tips for  spending time at Thamel :

* Thamel has lots of bars , pubs ,cafes and restaurants which serve various cuisines of food .    
   Western and oriental food can be found everywhere. There are many dance bars. Loud music and    beats can be heard from all over. The night takes over a frenzy of its own.
* M:M: or the Momo or the Dim-sums shops can be located very easily.
* There are shops at every corner of the streets and there is something for everyone.
*Don't forget to buy cool Pajamas and Harem pants.

All of these sites are right in the Kathmandu Valley and are believed to relate not only to the formation and development of the Valley, but each one is directly tied to the country’s Buddhist and Hindu spirituality.It’s a fascinating mix of cultures and religions that inhabits every heartbeat of Nepali culture and society.

I have viewed Nepal as a Free Soul and advise you to visit there too just once and you'll fall in love with Nepal.
Well, If you don't believe me just view the video attached to this Blog!!


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