The Crust of Nature: Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Hello everyone, as you all know I am a travel enthusiast and traveling is one of my possession, so to keep that fulfilled I recently visited to the womb of nature: Okhla Bird Sanctuary.

It is roughly 4 square Kilometres in size which is not so easy to cover by a walk. Previously the authorities allowed bikes but because of some issues the authorities changed their mindset. 



It’s situated at the entrance of Noida in Gautam Budh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. It is situated at a point where river Yamuna enters in the state of Uttar Pradesh leaving the territory of Delhi. 

Well, if you are making up a decision to visit, you should plan it out as the unseen things are found there.
I mean like the beauty of nature, birds even their tender and soothing voices, and other people who need calmness and relaxation in life, just like you do.

    Plan an outing to Okhla Bird Sanctuary:

  1. Visit early in the morning so that by the evening you are completed with the bird sighting and the view in all of it’s profound area.
  2. Remember to carry your water bottles and something to eat.
  3. If you are a smoker, keep your stuff with you because you might can feel like to smoke over there. And there are no counters to buy cigarettes nearby.
  4. The ticket costs you 30 rupees, and if you are a Foreigner then it’s 350 bucks.
  5. If you have a binoculars or any telescope then carry it rather keeping it at your place.

The patience and the change you can feel in that fresh air, I don’t think that anybody would be able to find that in Delhi, so for now I advice you guys visit that beautiful place to cleanse the soul inside.
This Bird Sanctuary carry a lot from the nature and it is necessary to appreciate it.


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