The Magic of Bikini In Delhi : VietJet Airline

The change is coming and the change is huge.

You know what is going to change, our travelling experiences. 

Vietnamese budget airline VietJet, which is popularly known as 'bikini airline' is coming to India. Yes, the controversial airline has announced direct flights from New Delhi to Ho Chi Minh City.
The airline will fly four times every week and will begin operation sometime between July and August this year. 

From the word Bikini, our minds totally turn us to the sight of beaches but now the VietJet flight attendants are going to make the travel experience more happening.

But do you think India is going to adapt this ideology, I hope it does as we all talk about development in our nation each and every day and if not then its Hypocrisy.

As per the research process it has been found it will be counted in cheap and even comfortable travel for the people. 
The calendar of VietJet is profound factor to Bikini. Some say these all are marketing strategies and gimmicks to popularise the name and fame of Airline. 
But many think that its an orientation of the Airline with their Bikini Theme.

Well, if this happens I can literally picturize the Indian Tv News Channel giving lame remarks and bringing India to Hindustan, where we'll go back to the era of 50's.
If Kingfisher can have Vijay Mallya, AirIndia can have Old Grandma's why can't 
VietJet have Bikini.

For many its an Experience and for many it's an Issue.

Share your thoughts, through your comments and guess what my next blog could be.
Till then stay updated with TheeArtistry.


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