Determined Love Of 12 Years: Happily Married

Wedding is an important prospect in everybody's life and memorising that is yet not so simple when it comes to showcase in a video song format.

Thee Artistry have captured some photographs and uploaded a video on youtube too. So have a look and let us know. Through your comments and subscriptions.

Here is a story of a groom and bride where it is not a same format but a connection format between them.

HE: Sitting beside her is just like an unreal story which has been fulfilled yet I am living that dream everyday, every time and everywhere.

 SHE: The struggle we had, the things we had gone through in all these years is an untold story but for me it was amazing time and now after the wedding sheer of romance will be rebuild again.

HE: The moments and those 12 years are now getting converted in a social norm which is known as"Wedding". 

SHE: But for me we have been living our wedded lives since the time we felt love for each other.



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