Mussoorie: An Unsung Melody

The goosebumps, the chill and the place is the aura of any location. I am a person who have more enthusiasm for winters and to travel to places that can make winter even more amazing. I recently visited Mussoorie, a place which is itself a poem and sung by the people’s heart. A trip to Mussoorie is a wish come true. The best part of this place is happenings take place in this place only.
My trip started from Delhi and it was a 279.2 kms distance that was needed to be covered and it took me 8 hours to reach Mussoorie. When I was entering Mussoorie, all I was excited was the nature, the landscapes that are pretty enough to make everyone fall in love with the beauty of its location.

The amazing view from the window of the car surpasses and reminds me of the time when I first ever visited this place with my parents and now travelling alone to find an inner peace for myself. While I was cherishing this moment I got addressed with the most amazing cafe that comes on the way when you are trying to enter Mussoorie , an uphill that you’ll have to climb or have to take a ride, as a matter of fact, with acceleration on 1st gear only the uphill can be crossed and then only you can visit that cafe and even the Cafe has been named as 1st Gear cafe. Whosoever had kept this name, might be a factual person.


The view from the Cafe is impeccable, everyone visits that place to cherish the view and the food together.

Do try Pasta and some fries as it was the best thing that I had over there. After fulfilling my all the desires of the sight seeing, I crashed at my hotel as I had already made my bookings before leaving Delhi. I would suggest you guys to book your hotels prior the visit as you can save time and money through online vendors. My hotel costed me 800/- Rupees a night and it was near the Mall Road.

If you have to complete the trip on time so that you could explore more, so try not to be lazy or clumsy. In Mussoorie their’s a Tibetan market which is damn huge for which you definitely need two days, this Market consists of the Carpet, Clothing, Small Food Joints and Cafe’s. As I was wondering, if I could find a place for the hookah but their isn’t any hookah cafe.
So here’s an advice, do carry your stuff. And yes, there are different shops for the liquor, and bars to chill out with friends and family.


In the Mall Road Market itself there is a Tea Totaler Cafe, famous for the beverage and snacks, the aura and atmosphere is different from other cafe’s but the personified night view is like an unsung melody, each time you visit you will hear the same.

M        From local food stalls to a high class restaurant their 
y          food quality remains the same but the thing that      
s          changes is the amount of money. So make sure to 
t           make exceptions.

The view from Mussoorie to the plain areas is a beautiful landscape where you see the street lighting and the mountains together as a canvas getting painted whereas the sky have their beauty of stars and if lucky you might can have the luck to the view of shooting stars also.

If you are looking out where to go this Winter, then you are redirected to the right blog. Do let me know about your experiences too, about your trip to Mussoorie in the comment section.

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