JK Temple: Where the Journey Begins!

I have been travelling to major places but the place which I visited recently is dear to my heart and you know why, because this is where I belong to and its known for the charm and audacity of its people which is Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

My journey begins from hotel till exploring the more of it, the much I drive myself through the corner the much I get carried away. You know why? Because I am more of a discoverer rather being an enthusiastic explorer.

A day had already been wasted by me and I was having the day that was about to come, so I planned to visit Jk Temple, also known as RadhaKrishnan Temple. 

The Jk temple is a profound place to visit in Kanpur, and this temple have its own facts of having an architecture of ancient and modern form. It is named after the Jk Trust which also funds it, or you can say the majority of the expenses are handled by the Jk Trust. 


                                                                                                                                                             Located in commercial and industrial city of Kanpur, it has many great significance. 
The Kanpur Airport located about 15 km from temple's campus center, Kanpur Central Railway Station which is 5 km from temple has trains to Lucknow, Allahabad, Delhi, Kolkata and many other major cities and towns .

This temple is an art piece in its oneness. Beautifully constructed, J.K. temple is a boon to the devotees. The even-level roofs or the mandaps have been provided with adequate ventilation for sufficient light and air. Among the five shrines that the temple has the central one consecrated to Shri Radhakrishna and the other are adorned with idols of Shri Laxminarayan, Shri Ardhanarishwar, Shri Narmadeshwar and Shri Hanuman. 

There is park and beautiful lake near the temple which looks wonderful at night when lights are on. 
And yes, it does.

You will ask me why to visit this temple sort of place, right? 
I can state 5 reasons why you should be a part of this place when you visit:

1. There Is no entry fee.
2. The architecture is a beauty.
3. The light fountain have its own territorial beauty.
4. Inside the temple you'll find peace.
5. You'll discover new experiences.

Best time to visit Jk Temple is October to March and if you want the cherry on top you can visit in Janmashtmi as there are a lot more add ons that come to this temple.
JK Temple is open from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 4:30 pm to 10:00 pm, with inner parts of temple( the statues ) being closed to public for an hour between 8:40 pm and 9:40 pm for prayers.

I am neither a devotee of God nor an advisor but a discoverer as I told you earlier also. I never want my readers to miss out the best peaceful places, as I know that you'll be needing it in your life somewhere and sometime, where 
this blog will help you to heal, through which you'll recreate this journey to peace.!!

The temple and its Shrine,
The light sparkled through pure red wine!
Beauty displayed through the architecture
Modern and Ancient, both cause pleasure!
A lighted fountain on the side,
Discovered peace and its all mine!!


  1. Wow what a beautiful place, it does seem to be very peaceful.

  2. Wow,it's very beautifull olace,i really like it,im also wnt to go ,nd ur post is vry nice iread it,i like ths knd of post gud jobh.


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