Mesmerised Journey: ROBBER'S CAVE

Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful northern states of India.
If you are in Dehradun, there is no chance you should skip a visit to Robber’s Cave. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.
Robber's Cave (locally known as Guchhupani), located near Sahastradhara (thousand fold spring), is a river cave formation in Himalaya, located approximately 8 km from the centre of Dehradun City.

Travelling is my passion and devotion to peace. Its like when I travel there are not only hills or animals, there are people who have different lives and to be with them is my travel memories and experience. And those experiences are that which can recreated by meeting them again.

The nature was planning to amaze me with its charismatic charm. I was smiling and ready to be impressed because nature invited me for a treat.

The cave has a highest fall of about 10 metres. It is a natural cave formation where rivers flows inside the cave. The place is a popular tourist spot and is now being maintained by Uttarakhand State. 

I do suggest everyone to rent the slippers because of the hard and harsh rock particles within the waterbody. There is a lot of gravel. The flow of water is a bit fast. Also, do keep a change of clothes because as you proceed inside, the water level rises. The cave is ethereal. There are shops offering food too.

Awesome place to visit, the availability of ticket, changing 
room, locker is there to store on pay basis
Right in the lap of nature. Entirely untouched natural beauty, a perfect place to relax, rejuvenate with chilling, crystal clear and fast flowing water. Place also serves good snacks like momos and maggie, majorly popular.
Usually very crowded on weekends.
The shopkeeper are not so cooperative. So, be gentle and grab patience.
Food items are thrice the market price.
I bought a Maggie of ₹10 at ₹40.
U get sleeper at ₹10
Changing room ₹20
Locker for ur goods ₹30

And if u lost any thing u will get fined for ₹100 which i faced there.Superb place for a small outing, going inside the cave is a thrilling experience.your kids would love it a lot.
But don't visit during rainy season as water flow will be fast in those days and level of water will also rise. Authorities will not allow you to go deep in the cave as it becomes riskier.

I already made my travel memorable, so visit  and experience yours now!!


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