Yoga: A strategy for success

Hello I'm fitness fairy , i just sprinkled motivation dust on you. Now go and move your ass. This shit is expensive.

I'm learning everyday to allow the space between where I'm and where i want to be, to inspire me not terrify me so lose your mind find your soul.

What is Yoga?

Yoga originated in ancient India. the Sanskrit word "asana" is a more accurate description of what is commonly referred to as yoga in terms of the poses and physical
Yoga is not about the shape of your body but, the shape of your life. It is designed for a vast and profound purpose and for it to be truly called Yoga. Its essence must be embodied. 

A complete session of yoga should incorporate the following four factors:

* Exercise every part of the body

* Pranayama (breath control practices)

* Relaxation

* Meditation

I'm learning everyday to allow the space between where I'm and where I want to be, to inspire me not terrify me so lose your mind find your soul.

Yoga for All
One of the beauties of the physical practice of yoga is that the poses support and sustain you no matter how old or young, or fit or frail, you are as you age, your understanding of asana becomes more sophisticated. Yoga can be many things to many people. 

What are the Physical Health Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga has many health benefits such as- 
* Asthma
* Respiration Problems
* Back Pain
* Bronchitis
* Arthritis
* Diabetes
* Emphysema
* High Blood Pressure

What are the Mental Health Benefits of Yoga?
Yoga with meditation provides great mental health benefits. 

*Improve Body Image
* Mental Performance
* Memory
* Stress
* Mood Changes
* Depression
* Self Awareness
* Vitality
* Anxiety
* Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
* Bi Polar Disorder

Exercise is a celebration of what ur body do.
Not a punishment for what you ate.

Advantage of yoga over other exercises?

Yoga not only increases your physical capabilities, but also has an effect on your mind and many
other healing properties. It comes in handy in many situations, like in summer, to cool down your body.

You might wonder how regular workouts can help lighten your tan but the truth is that exercise stimulates blood circulation that helps build new skin cells which in turn promote healthy skin and a glowing complexion. Keep at it for a while and it could help you get your complexion back sooner.

These simple yoga asanas with amazing healing benefits are life saviors, and your only effort is to give enough time to practice. Many turn to yoga in hopes to find peace during hectic times, while others start a yoga practice to build strength, gain flexibility and lose weight. Each choice is coupled with a beautiful relationship with the body and mind that cannot compare to anything else.
Don’t underestimate the power of a workout.

Become a priority in your life!


  1. Article is through the point and well articulate......Yes as a beginner I must appreciate and Keep trying. I am happy to see that you are broadening your focus from Make Up to Yoga and fitness. All the best

  2. yoga its good for health, even you looks healthy. nice article


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