Celebrate Your Blissful Diwali

A holy festival and a mystic celebration.
Celebrate this Diwali with your  beloved one’s!!

True that, Right. I am too eager to visit my home and relive my rejoicing childhood moments again and I hope that everyone in India is excited to celebrate Diwali with their family and friends. Working late hours and coming back home is so tiring and it is becoming a habit of ours but to escape all these things. Grab your bags, pack it up and leave for your homes.
I remember the time when I used to make rangoli and light the diyas and decorate my house and yes, I know many of us does that. I have never missed even a single Diwali
celebration at my home you know why?
Because it is the only time where families gathering happen, sweets and food is not just a word, its a story.
We all have experienced the happiness and family time that is meant out for Diwali.
Many of the people who might be wondering to visit their home but by some instances they aren’t able to visit, don’t be upset; You still have a chance to bring the smile back on your mother’s face, surprise your family by sending gifts, the things they like.    

Surprises means a lot to everyone.

I am a person who loves to spend my time with my grandparents. I know we have a different love side for them, and that excitement of meeting them is adorable, having sweets by their hands is the tastiest thing ever.

Ever wondered what to do in Diwali apart from bursting crackers?

What i have been doing is that i visit home, surprise them by my homecoming, decorate my whole house with the help of my irritating younger brother, spend time with my whole family, and help my mother in making the tastiest dishes of all time.

We all have the intent of giving our contribution for Diwali.

You have been thinking to decorate your house, to make it home so what you can do is buy handmade candles and light that up in your house, make a  colourful rangoli, create your own diyas and lamps, amaze everybody through your creativity.

Food is a major factor as it is a festive of sweets too. Gift sweets like chocolates, indian desserts and many other tastiest thing what you think your people will love. Be a chef in your own way and make or help your people in making food, doing dishes.
There are sweets available in market too if you are not a kitchen person.

I’ll tell you my secret that what i have planned to do this Diwali.
1. Surprises🎉
2. Gifts 🛍
3. Meeting family and friends😍
4. Decorating my whole world.💅
5. Helping my Mother🤗
6. Saying no to crackers 🙅

So here were the things from my side of story, you’s might be different but we do believe in creating love and Diwali special.

A great moment is coming, live it because it's yours!!

Do share your story in the comment box below.
Happy Diwali to you all. 


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